Meet Jasmine + Rachel

Bleach Black Vintage is the brain child of Jasmine Stelly, an Austin resident and Lafayette transplant, who has been collecting vintage pieces since she can remember. Jasmine started up the online shop as a hobby and began slinging her vintage at pop-ups around Austin.

Rachel and Jasmine met a few years back and quickly fell in love. Rachel Stevens was the bar manager of a longtime Austin establishment at the time and Jasmine a hair stylist. After moving on from bar life, Rachel joined Bleach Black Vintage full-time and brought a bit of the bar world with her into vintage curation.

Today, Jasmine and Rachel work as partners in business and are set to be married November 1st, 2019.

Bleach Black Vintage features a curated selection of all vintage clothing, with a focus on motorcycle, beer, and band tees, as well as vintage denim. We guarantee that every item we sell is an original, vintage piece and we go through great lengths to price our items appropriately and fairly.

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